Customer Success & Sales Executive


Based in Hong Kong, with the opportunity to go to Shanghai in the future, promoting optimal health for everyone by building the most innovative and credible healthcare and wellness organization.

You are a fit for this role, if you:

  • Have previously worked in Sales or Customer Care in a professional capacity
  • Bilingual in English and Cantonese to liaise with locals and international clients
  • Understand that making people engage with your brand is 50% empathy and 50% process – and you effectively can bring both to the table
  • Are a natural-born-communicator and genuinely enjoy interacting with people on a daily basis, convincing them of Lifehealth’s innovative approach
  • Ability to work to tight deadlines, manage dynamic responsibilities with true passion for entrepreneurship and changing the status quo
  • Are data- and performance-oriented, and optimise your approach for conversion flows and customer acquisition cost
  • Enjoy working in a fast-paced, rapidly growing team in one of Hong Kong’s most dynamic environments

Your benefits upon joining include:

  • Join the Team of one of the most innovative and fastest-growing healthcare and wellness company in Hong Kong and China
  • No cold-calling,but empathy-driven personalised sales process
  • Learning about all aspects of communication, building the foundation for fame and fortune
  • Learning about the latest advancements in prevention, wellness, fitness & nutrition with individualized coaching and advanced technology
  • Work with top-talent, ready to take on one of the fastest growing and most innovative sectors in healthcare
  • Be rewarded with highly attractive salary & growth prospects (competitive salary and commission, fast promotion track based on performance)


About LifeHub

LifeHub is changing the way we experience health & wellness. We at LifeHub feel that the modern healthcare system is broken. It only treats you when you are sick. We don’t like that, we want to change that. Healthcare should be about getting and keeping you at your optimum health- Better sleep, sharper focus, increased energy, fewer toxins, managing stress. At LifeHub, that’s our goal.

By combining the latest advancements in prevention, wellness, fitness & nutrition with individualized coaching and advanced technology, we are creating a new personalized consumer health experience.  LifeHub is designed to meet your personal health needs, in a way you can understand and afford. Our team of Doctors, Practitioners and Coaches design services, products and programs to help you feel better now and achieve your own optimal health.

Join us to provide optimal health for all.


Detox team

We see LifeHub as helping you in that stage between self-diagnosis and a doctor’s clinic. Our team of Doctors, Practitioners and Coaches provide services, products and programs that address common lifestyle conditions. In a LifeHub you can buy pharmaceutical grade supplements, have a nutritional IV, consult a coach or order some lab tests without needing to use too much time or money to consult with a Doctor or wait at a hospital.

We are trying to make looking after your health a little bit easier.


Our founding team are a seasoned group of healthcare professionals with many decades of experience across the USA, Australia, China and Hong Kong. LifeHub is a subsidiary of LifeHealth Ltd, a leader in Integrative and Anti-aging medicine for over 10 years in Hong Kong. We have combined our experiences to try to create a better way to experience healthcare, a way where the consumer is empowered to take charge of their own health at convenient wellness centers that provide the necessary knowledge, tools and support.

Read the incredible story of our founder’s uncle, Dr Victor Seah, dubbed the poorest good doctor.


We take these three approaches and combine them together to work in an Integrative manner. We believe effective diagnosis and evidence-based treatments already exist, it is that just until LifeHub there was no convenient location for people to learn about them and purchase them easily.

We also approach our care by looking at our clients holistically, by addressing:

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