CliniCell was developed by an international research team consisting of stem cell scientists, chemists, dermatologists and specialist medical doctors. It uses a powerful combination of advanced bio-cellular technology and high-quality nutrients to optimise skin and hair conditions.

All our products use cutting-edge biocellular technology in the form of cell-to-cell signaling protein complexes to stimulate regeneration and deliver high quality nutrients. All our products are free from preservatives, artificial fragrances and colouring agents.

CliniCell uses a worldwide-patented, clinical-grade formula that has been developed and researched for more than 25 years. It has been awarded for biotechnology advances in South Korea. Placing a priority on quality, purity and efficacy, this skincare brand has been designed without parabens, artificial coloring, fragrances, sulfates or preservatives.

– Award-winning Cell-signaling Technology
– Patented Formula
– Clinical Grade

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