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The perfect combination for strong and healthy children. For children 3 years old and above to boost their nutrition and super charge their immune system.


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Pure Encapsulations Nutrient Gummies are a comprehensive multivitamin/mineral complex enhanced with organic fruits in a great-tasting gummy, featuring: 9 Comprehensive support:

A blend of 17 essential vitamins and minerals 9 A high-potency option for children 9 Optimal forms: Chelated minerals and activated vitamin forms for optimal efficacy 9 Great taste: Natural and lightly sweet raspberry-lemonade flavor 9 FREE FROM: Gelatin, artificial flavors and colors, hydrogenated fats, gluten, GMOs† , common allergens, preservatives, and other unnecessary ingredients

KIKI HEALTH CAMU CAMU POWDER, Organic Camu Camu is a small berry type fruit with a sweet and sour ­flavour. It is renowned for it’s naturally high levels of vitamin C, which contributes to normal collagen, a structural component for the formation of skin, gums, teeth, bones, tendons, cartilage and blood vessels

KIKI HEALTH BODY BIOTICS Symbiotically blended and pooled in a nutrient rich host of bacterial cultures.

✓ Live and thriving SBO’s (soil based organisms)
✓ Effectively re-populate the intestine with a beneficial balance of friendly bacteria.

KIKI’s Body Biotics are a symbiotic blend of 8 highly effective friendly bacteria super-strains.


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