Detox Boost

Detox Boost

I eat organic so I’m not exposed to toxins…. Or am I?

Living in the city means we’re exposed to toxins daily, from sources like air pollution, drinking, car exhaust, plastics, chemicals and more. This drip is one of the fastest ways to remove these harmful toxins from your body and replenish your body with nutrients.

What it Does:

Amino acids play a crucial role in your body’s detoxification process, help replenish one of the most potent antioxidants in your body, and boost brain function.

We’ve also added vitamins which play a number of important roles in your body including recycling your body’s own major antioxidant – glutathione, removing heavy metals such as lead and mercury, and supporting and maintaining the immune and circulatory system.

Ideal for:

Exposure to pollutants

Liver and kidney support

Brain fog / inability to focus

Water retention

Poor gut health & cravings


Pair it with:

We recommend pairing the drips with our supplements to maximise the effects of your drip. Our supplements are currently available at LifeHub and on our e-store.

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