Fountain of Youth

Fountain Of Youth

We all age, but how fast or how slow we age depends on how well we take care of ourselves. This drip includes a strong anti-aging amino acid that is a powerhouse to your cells and becomes depletes with age. Our Fountain of Youth IV drip replenishes key nutrients to bring your cells back to life, keeping you looking and feeling youthful.

Ideal For

  • Fatigue 
  • Brain fog
  • High stress
  • Signs of early aging 
  • Depression
  • Managing substance abuse or addictive behaviours
  • To prevent internal and external aging including chronic disease
  • To enhance exercise performance


The Importance Of NAD+

As we age, immune system activation and increased levels of DNA damage utilize much of the body’s NAD+. The body also produces less NAD+ over time, creating a vicious cycle of increased need and decreased production. This can lead to genomic instability – a wide range of alterations that occur in our DNA and irreversibly change the information carried in our genome.

Sirtuins respond quickly to DNA damage within a cell, directing gene expression to promote DNA repair. This serves as a distraction to sirtuins, however, ultimately drawing them away from their primary role. In the end, the cell experiences a sort of “identity crisis,” unable to perform its original job, leading to aging. In this clip, award-winning Dr. David Sinclair explains why NAD+ levels decrease with age.

Ideal for:

Exposure to pollutants

Liver and kidney support

Brain fog / inability to focus

Water retention

Poor gut health & cravings


Pair it with:

We recommend pairing the drips with our supplements to maximise the effects of your drip. Our supplements are currently available at LifeHub and on our e-store.


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