Hair & Skin Glow

Hair & Skin Glow

Look at that glow! This drip contains a potent antioxidant that is designed to help you achieve gorgeous hair, luminous skin and healthy nails. Perfect as part of your normal beauty routine or before a big event.

What it Does:

Vitamins can help with collagen synthesis, reduce pigmentation, help produce stronger hair and nail growth. Amino acids are the main building block of our nails, hair and skin. They also fight off free radicals and help to remove toxins from your body, which helps slow down the natural process of aging.

Ideal for:

Brittle or thinning hair

Weak nails

Dry, lifeless skin

Skin pigmentation

Pair it with:

We recommend pairing the drips with our supplements to maximise the effects of your drip. Our supplements are currently available in store.

Online store coming soon.