Modern Detox


Our body is constantly neutralizing chemicals, pollutants, toxins and drugs from the body. Due to the increase volume of these toxins and pollutants in everyday living, our body becomes over loaded and ill health can occur.

Medical detoxification facilitates the detoxification process and helps clear up the backlog of toxins from the body.

Detox is achieved through a simple cleansing diet, nutritional supplements, supportive treatments, IV nutrients and heavy metal chelation.

what is detox?


Clean & Optimised Detoxification PathwaysImprove Skin AppearanceOptimise Mental FunctionsImprove Emotional WellbeingWeight Loss
Boost Energy LevelsAlleviates Skin AllergiesImproves MemoryReduce StressOptimise Fertility
Boost ImmunityStrengthens Nails & HairEnhance ConcentrationImprove Sleep
Improve Digestion
Reduce Bloating
Lower toxic load on body



Let’s face it, we live in a pretty toxic world. With air pollution, pesticides, plastics and more, it’s impossible to live in our modern world without being exposed to toxins everyday. From pesticides in produce to chemicals in cosmetics, toxins are impossible to avoid.  “Each and every second 310 Kg of toxic chemicals are released into our air, land, and water by industrial facilities around the world.” (

But that doesn’t mean we have to compromise on our health! Our science-backed testing & treatments get to the root cause of sub-optimal health problems so you can say goodbye to poor sleep, dull skin, fatigue, and gut issues.

Signs of Toxicity:
fatigue, headaches, dull skin, brain fog, irritability, food sensitivities and more


Nowadays we are bombarded with promises of “detox”, however many of these protocols lack scientific basis. At best, they may offer mild improvement but at worst they can be highly dangerous for our health. This is because a sudden and dramatic increase in detoxification floods the bloodstream with a huge number of toxins, which can cause a high level of stress to the body if it isn’t prepared for it.

This is why we begin with scientific testing, body scanning and initial consultations with our health coaches to ensure a safe and effective protocol tailored for you.

Detox team

We see LifeHub as helping you in that stage between self-diagnosis and a doctor’s clinic. Our team of Doctors, Practitioners and Coaches provide services, products and programs that address common lifestyle conditions.

In a LifeHub you can buy pharmaceutical grade supplements, have a nutritional IV, consult a coach or order some lab tests without needing to use too much time or money to consult with a Doctor or wait at a hospital.

We are trying to make looking after your health a little bit easier.

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